Wilma Allan

Being At The Cottage


There’s no mistaking the urgent need for sustainable, regenerative change all around us, as well as within ourselves. Being At The Cottage supports leaders ready to turn the spotlight on themselves. Being At The Cottage offers a range of experiences with scope. From intentional conversations to exploring the deep impact of spending time alone, these elements generate a deeper sense of connection with your team and a greater satisfaction in work and life.

Wilma says: “2022 has been a year full of surprises and behind them all has been this amazing woman. We’ve laughed a lot, I’ve cried a little, in astonishment mainly, and we have achieved more than I had begun to imagine. She is always smiles, warmth and encouragement, oozing wisdom and support. And she shows up to every occasion with a consistency of energy and temperament that was in always in service to me. All year her style has been generosity personified. But best of all, she really gets me….. which is what really mattered. If you are looking for a mentor who has plenty of entrepreneurial experience, calls a spade a spade (without hitting you with it), and works seamlessly through her intuition, contact her for a chat.”

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