What is the Polycrisis?

Jannine Barron, Regenerative Business
What is the Polycrisis?

The term ‘polycrisis’ explains the multiple crises, simultaneously or in close succession that create complex challenges for societies, economies, and governments. These crises can include economic downturns, political instability, public health emergencies, environmental disasters, and social unrest, among others.

Humanity is currently dealing with the polycrisis. We are beyond a time in history when we think we could deal with one problem at a time. Any solution is inextricably linked to another solution or problem.

The challenge we face as a society is that the interconnection between these crises can exacerbate their impact and make it more challenging for individuals and organizations to respond effectively.

An example of a polycrisis we currently face is war, cost of living, drought, floods, heat, refugees, climate emergency, education, pandemic. They are all connected.

The solution requires a comprehensive and coordinated approach to address the various issues and mitigate their collective consequences. This requires us to think differently, use creativity, art, intuition, systems thinking, regenerative leadership and looking to nature for solutions.

Policymakers, leaders, and communities must be agile, adaptive, and collaborative to navigate and manage the complexities of a polycrisis situation effectively.

The Good News

Once we understand the polycrisis exists, we can begin to see the enormous gift in front of us. The polycrisis is the ultimate evidence of interconnection.

Understanding that we are interconnected with all living being and each other, is what will help save the planet and humanity. Working ‘with’ interconnection rather than trying to dominate and win, is the way through this crisis. I have a deep and clear belief in this truth.

The Regenerative Wheel is one of the ways I help people create solutions to the polycrisis.

Jannine Barron, regenerative business, the growth experience

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