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Whatever stage you are at in business, a personalised or group experience at just the right moment can give you the boost and confidence you need.


A wide range of programmes have real-time support to ensure you have the right business model. Each group programme is designed to help you reach your next important milestone.

Be inspired and grow with the Conscious Business Learning Platform for early stage business owners.

Conscious Business Platform

Conscious Business Platform

Designed for early-stage business owners, the conscious business platform is a unique place where unconventional thinkers feel welcome.

When you are on a budget in the early years, group experiences are ideal. We don’t offer fixed formulas because we know you are unique; you want to make a great impact on the health of our planet, and you want to do things your way.

Our frameworks suit a variety of industries including healers, earth-tenders and brand builders. Come explore what’s on offer to ensure you are one of the 40% of business owners that succeed in their first three years in business.

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As a company owner and business leader you will need a tailored solution for your short or long term focus.

Tailored Solution

Tailored Solution

When you have a very specific outcome that is unique to your company, curated sessions are the best solution.

Suitable for everyone from sole traders to senior leaders and brand owners seeking strategies for growth and innovation in sustainability.

Ideal if you are feeling overwhelmed by reaching net-zero targets and finding change too slow. Reach out for a complimentary and confidential chat or two.

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For Ethical Product Creators seeking Green Branding and Ethical Supply Chain Management.

Ethical Product Creators

Ethical Product Creators

You know I love brands and the massive impact they can have on this world because that’s the kind of companies I’ve been running since 1998.

If you are at the beginning of your product design journey and feeling excited, I’d love to support you build your sustainable foundations with the right suppliers.

If you are years into your brand and feeling stuck, I’ve been there! It’s time to shift gears and reassess how to move beyond the plateau.

Or perhaps you are compelled to explore how the circular economy and sustainable supply chains can be embraced in your established brand.

Reach out for a complimentary and confidential chat or two.

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The ideal environment to optimise change, available at selected locations across the UK for teams or individuals.

Wilderness Walks & Business Retreats

Wilderness Walks & Business Retreats

Our retreats are designed for your personal and company growth in an unconventional setting to spark solutions to strategies in need of a refresh.

When you work on your business in the company of birdsong and nature walks, your senses are heightened and your ideas flow from a creative and intuitive space instead of a thinking space.

Locations can be created anywhere in the UK including a 500-year-old farmhouse in Suffolk with renovated luxury rooms, surrounded by a working agroforestry farm that will offer unparalleled insights to your own regenerative business journey.

We will curate the experience unique to the needs of you and your team for your deliberate evolution.

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“I am looking for ambitious leaders driven by a concern for our planet. You’ll need support to create a climate focused business strategy in an already busy work environment.”