The Health Lodge

The Health Lodge was an extraordinary five-year project in the planning from 2013 until 2021.

A solo Naturopath Reine Du Bois had a dream to create a centre of excellence in integrative health care. Raising significant capital for a large Byron Bay Property to accommodate multiple practitioner rooms and in-house lodgings for patients was a big dream. The in-house software and managing a large centre has been a steep and successful curve for Reine and her Partner Simon Du Bois. Reine achieved that dream by turning up for mentoring on a regular basis and gathering a team of strategists and health professionals to advise her in support of her vision. All her research and planning resulted in what is now thriving enterprise.​ The Health Lodge is a beacon of excellence in Integrative Medicine and now known worldwide.

The Health Lodge contacted me in 2021 as they were ready for a new stage of business development. I am currently working with the team on their strategic direction on ecommerce and exclusive product development.

The Health Lodge says: “The Health Lodge benefits from your expertise with product development & regenerative leadership so we can transform the future of medicine with an integrative approach to solving acute and chronic physical and mental health conditions.”

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