The Growth Experience
Bridging theory and impactful change: This immersive 8-month online program invites you to embark on a regenerative transformation in your personal and business life. Shifting you from hope to real world impact.

Transform Yourself | Transform your Business | Change the World

Would you like to emerge as a Regenerative Leader in 2024?

If you are ready to undergo a profound transformation that transcends conventional business approaches then I welcome you to apply for the Growth Experience.

The world needs more visionary leaders, equipped with new knowledge and tools to drive positive change within their organisations. This is how you move from hope and philosophy to practical action that contributes to a regenerative and harmonious world.

  1. Transformed Leadership Philosophy: Embrace regenerative leadership principles, cultivating a holistic and sustainable mindset that empowers purposeful, empathetic, and innovative leadership.

  2. Sustainable Growth Strategies: Navigate business growth with four distinct regenerative frameworks. Align your practices and values.

  3. Nature-Inspired Wisdom: Deeply connect with nature through monthly guided practices, enhancing intuitive thinking and creative problem-solving skills.

  4. Catalyst for Positive Change: Graduate as a catalyst for positive change. Prioritise conscious decision-making that harmonizes environmental, social, and economic well-being.

  5. Reimagined Business Impact: Rethink your business model and strategies, weaving regenerative principles to create a lasting legacy of impact.

  6. Effective Communication: Craft and share your unique business stories resonating with stakeholders sharing your values and commitment to sustainability.

  7. Engaged Community: Join a supportive community of like-minded learners to foster collaboration, continuous learning, and  inspiration.

  8. Innovative Problem-Solving: Equipped with holistic thinking, tackle intricate challenges with innovative solutions that consider diverse perspectives and long-term outcomes.

  9. Ethical Marketing Strategies: Master conscious marketing approaches to attract values-aligned clients, fostering genuine engagement and trust.

  10. Personal Fulfillment:Beyond business success, find personal fulfillment by aligning your leadership journey with your values, contributing to a shared world prosperity.

The ideal outcome of the Regenerative Leadership course is a profound shift in participants’ approach to leadership, business, and impact. Graduates will stand as beacons of regenerative thinking, influencing positive change in their spheres of influence and creating a ripple effect that reaches far beyond their immediate endeavours.

Are you ready to make a profound shift? Apply to join The Growth Experience here and become a beacon of regenerative thinking, igniting positive change in your sphere and beyond.

the Growth Experience

The Growth Experience is a year-long regenerative journey that will be a personal and business awakening. The programme design is a unique combination of facilitated group learning, personal coaching, nature immersion and business mentoring with community collaboration.

Most importantly, we offer time to integrate and grow in a safe space framed by regenerative thinking.

We meet not for a day or a month but for a whole year because we understand that building a legacy and experiencing the personal journey that is required takes time.

A year is what it takes for humans to process new cognitive understandings that arise and translate them into long-term neurological shifts.

We are a consciously curated incubator for small business owners globally for learning, support and mentoring as a pathway to leadership development and business legacy.

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During The Growth Experience you will;

> Translate Regeneration from theory to practice in a small business environment

> Learn four unique regenerative frameworks to guide this approach

> Take a transformational and unconventional business journey in a supportive community

> Experience nature immersion with guided practices and support to enhance your journey

> Clarify your purpose through the lens of a new business paradigm

> Embrace your unique voice and learn to tell your business story

> Reimagine or affirm your business model and strategy

> Magnify your client attraction with a simple three-step conscious marketing strategy

> Combined private mentoring and group mentoring with a supportive circle of fellow travellers.

> Embrace the intuitive and creative path to business practice

You will learn to work with four key frameworks

1. The Regenerative Circle

2. Personal Energy Imprint   P.R.I.M.E

3. The Business Energy Blueprint  B.E.

4. The H.E.A.R.T Method as our foundation.


Creating a community is part of the journey – A Regenerative Journey is rarely taken alone.

There will be three primary themes that we carry throughout the year.

> Foundational Frameworks for a personal and business regeneration

> Storytelling and Presentation to create and share your message

> Strategic Pathways to scale and collaborate in business for growth and purposeful impact

Every month in The Growth Experience you will have:

> Instruction for guided monthly nature immersion experiences

> 90-minute facilitated group mentoring, learning and connection: 1 – 2 times a month (variable) 

> 1 x Personal coaching and mentoring 60 minutes: Every Month

>  4 x Wild Card Sessions which are 60-minute sessions. Booked as needed and used within our 10-month connection. There will be a time when you need a boost of support so bank these until the time reveals itself

Bonus experiences:

> A one day in person experience in Nature’s Boardroom experience in Spring in the UK

> Storytelling for Business: Learn the 5-step structure to create your own unique stories to promote and elevate you as a leader and your business as a service. 


  • This is a full-year experience over nine months starting on 20th of February 2024

  • We will be offering a new accessible joining options next year. 

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🦚 Our METHOD is regenerative in The Growth Experience so while we will explore some regenerative theory and you will be directed to explore some key resources from thought leaders in this space, you will primarily be living the experience, creating and designing and processing the transformation.

🦚 Dates for 2024 will be posted soon, bookmark this page or join our mailing list here

  • Inspired or Unsure? 

If you have a vision that is driven by people and the planet as much as profit, then please apply, I would love to meet you.

My personal intention is to hold the space for your highest potential in this experience and that sometimes means amazing results and sometimes it means frustration and uncertainty. Whatever shows up, all feelings and experiences are welcome in this uniquely supported space.

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

If you have not experienced Business Mentoring or Coaching before, here is a list of some of the wonderful things it brings into your world as a business owner.

Move you forward when you are stuck.

Uncover your growth points and trigger them.

Shape your focus when you are excited.

Keep you on track when you are going really well.

Challenge you to grow.

Identify patterns and habits that need changing.

Highlight limiting beliefs so you can say goodbye to them.

Mentoring is Highly practical for your specific needs.

It shapes and defines your growth.

And just makes you better and happier in ways you can’t imagine.

'You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.' Buckminster Fuller


> Nature Led Practice

> Private Mentoring

> Facilitated Digital Meetings

> Additional Mentoring when required

> Guest Speakers and Facilitators as the needs emerge

> Storytelling Practice and Presentation

> Each member will complete the programme with a keynote presentation or written work based on our storytelling modules

The deep learnings will take you on a journey that will challenge you, support you and ultimately ensure that your best business possibilities and personal potential emerge. 

This is the third year running this program which has been growing and changing in its own development. This is beyond doubt our best offering yet where a maximum of ten people will journey together to ensure intimacy as well as immersion.

This is also a whole new way of being and thinking about business.

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