We simply can’t create from the old, hard-work paradigm. Our planet is asking us to change to survive.
A new paradigm is the only way.


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Sustainable Development Goal 1

20% of my business commitment is supporting early stage, purpose-led business owners to remove barriers to income and impact.

Sustainable Development Goal 2

We select small-scale farm-to-table venues on our business retreats to share the benefits of agroforestry and regenerative farming. Supporting local supply chains to thrive. I also live in a village of 300, we share produce we grow in our community garden, our dairy is supplied from farms within 5 miles, and I supplement my plant-based diet with local market produce, Oxfam and coop supermarkets. I handmake 50% of my own cleaning products and skincare using homegrown supplies.

Sustainable Development Goal 3

As a business mentor, I support purpose-led business leaders to operate from a regenerative paradigm, which has personal, cultural and environmental health at the heart of what they do; not at the expense of what they do.

Sustainable Development Goal 4

‘A new way’ paradigm is the foundation of courses I offer on our conscious business platform and at the heart of regenerative business mentoring. We support you to allow new perspectives and thinking to emerge which can help change business for generations to come.

Sustainable Development Goal 5

I provide gender unique experiences where women can access business mentoring so they can thrive and learn in safe, supportive company.

Sustainable Development Goal 6

Actively advocate against the use of chemicals and products that can be detrimental to water quality if improperly disposed and actively mentor business owners that quantify and value this natural resource.

Sustainable Development Goal 7

Utility Warehouse is my chosen provider for all our energy and utilities due to their ethical, environmental initiatives and green tariffs including 100% renewable electricity.

Sustainable Development Goal 8

I employ consultants who are parents with flexible hours. I engage with purpose-led business networks on a regular basis to ensure a values alignment with all clients and suppliers.

Sustainable Development Goal 9

Innovation, Intuition and Inspiration are the three pillars that underpin all my strategic support and thinking.

Sustainable Development Goal 10

We invest by donation in civil organisations committed to inequality and environmental management such as Tree Sisters, Friends of the Earth, Woodland Trust and the National Trust.

Sustainable Development Goal 11

As Chairperson of the Maiden Bradley Memorial Village Hall, I have initiated zero waste events that bring our community together in joy and harmony. We are currently advocating for national support for villages to change our energy use which is currently antiquated as it relies on oil and woodburning. In 2021 I initiated a policy of only using suppliers with sustainable and ethical values to our hall.

Sustainable Development Goal 12

80% pre-loved purchases in my office and home. Reuse and repurpose over recycling.

Sustainable Development Goal 13

As a founding member of the Maiden Bradley Climate Collective, a rural village of just 300 in Southwest England, we are actively engaging our Parish Council and Hall Committee with our collective to bring meaningful, long-term change to daily challenges such as energy use and pollution.

Sustainable Development Goal 14

Avoid consumption of seafood products and actively support and advocate organisations who are cleaning up our oceans.

Sustainable Development Goal 15

Actively fundraising for tree planting nationally.

My purchase decisions favour suppliers who are actively doing the same, particularly where protecting biodiversity is fundamental to their company values.

Sustainable Development Goal 16

My preferred suppliers and clients are actively demonstrating and communicating their commitment to peace, justice and inclusion in their institutions, or working towards this goal.

Sustainable Development Goal 17

I actively seek to mentor clients grappling with this in their supply chains to meet global environmental targets enshrined in law and regulation. It’s a big goal and it takes time, strategy and vision.

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Click each SDG to find out what I am doing to make a difference.

To achieve these external results, I’ve had to walk a path of healing and inner development. So as your mentor, this is the journey I will support you to embrace. The Inner Development Goals are the fundamental, transformative skills required to achieve and accelerate the Sustainable Development Goals.
Here is the 5 dimension framework. You can learn more about this here.

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