How Biomimicry, Kinship and Regenerative Leadership is a Compass in my Business Mentoring

Do you yearn to reconnect with yourself and the earth we inhabit alongside your business ambitions? If you dream with audacious goals, impactful visions and a mission rooted in kindness and connection, then it’s probably time we talked. Let me first share a little about my beliefs and approach to mentoring so you can make an assessment.

What informs my approach as the ‘Regenerative Business Mentor’?

  • Regenerative Economics
  • Kincentric Leadership
  • Regenerative Leadership
  • The Inner Development Goals
  • The Sustainable Development Goals

Mentoring bridges where you are in your current reality and your desired state. It is an accountability relationship that ensures your impact and results are assured. But are they assured? What if the right enquiry process can help you reach an even greater impact or potential?

You will typically have a strong vision or goal when we begin. Most mentors will help you set external goals and create a strategy. While we do this, we do it in the right order. I first connect with you, understand why you want this goal, and consider your current health, prosperity and happiness. From here, we can consider the internal and external journeys required. Using a biomimicry approach, we consider resourcing yourself from a new paradigm. With this new perspective, you get not just one but two mentors: myself and the wisdom of Nature.

My role is to:

  • Hold space with unwavering positivity and boundless energy alongside you.
  • Provide practical frameworks, inspiration, and guidance for uncharted or challenging territories.
  • Guide you with Nature Immersion as well as human wisdom if you desire.
  • Sustain a pragmatic approach to transformation and transition.

The three impacts for you

A Restory. How do you see the world and design a new story that informs your vision.

The Voyage: What frameworks, skills and resources are required for both the internal and external journey to build a regenerative business.

Your Regeneration: What decisions, strategies, support, mentorship and development will sustain you.

Mentorship in nature

Let’s explore my approach to a common client query: How can I scale up my business?

1. Our journey begins by fortifying your foundations. Drawing inspiration from biomimicry, I understand the importance of nurturing your roots to ensure growth rests on a solid foundation. This typically starts with you, the visionary behind the venture. Subsequently, you’ll be able to nurture the entire organisation, fostering a harmonious flow that considers the structure and flow of your team. This varies radically for some from a more traditional top-down approach.

The concept of Regenerative Leadership has been my guiding beacon since 2016. Through personal practice and working with over 100 individuals, it has given birth to four distinct frameworks that aid you in your practical voyage towards becoming regenerative. This shift takes us from mere philosophy to action.

Guided by natures wisdom

How am I qualified to take you on this journey?

  • I launched a conscious consumer movement against toxic chemicals in household and disposable baby products. This led to creating a national retail brand that provided access to healthy, reusable, eco-friendly baby goods with a global e-commerce store, physical retail stores and wholesale distribution.
  • I have worked with small communities growing organic cotton and watched them grow into major suppliers.

  • I grew a retail/wholesale company with a cradle-to-grave supply chain based on buying less.

  • I have worked with consultants in dirty industries transition to sustainability and regenerative companies.

  • I have worked with communications specialists to transition from persuasive comms to an impact message.

  • I have owned ecommerce businesses since 1999 and stay abreast of trends.

  • I’ve designed 33 unique, eco-friendly products and exported them internationally.

  • There’s more which we can talk about when we meet.

But let’s underscore what truly matters:

  • My support is rooted in care, intuition, and kinship.
  • Your triumphs resonate deeply with me, making your success a shared mission.
  • My conviction in humanity’s capacity to steer this ship toward positive change is steadfast.
  • I only embark on this journey if your mission and path ignite my inspiration.
  • I will discuss love, family, nature, strategy, and supply chains.

The pool of knowledge I constantly draw from includes:

My Business experience includes:

  • Physical product manufacturing.
  • Physical product supply chains.
  • Service product creation and digital marketing.
  • Strategic Alliances over 40 years of business means most of the contacts I connect with when necessary are now in established, senior positions.

How can you experience mentoring?

Together, we will carve a transformative path with this wisdom, experience, and intention. If you are ready for a beautiful journey, let’s talk.

Jannine Barron, regenerative business, the growth experience

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