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Regenerative Business and Regenerative Leadership

Do you want to be a regenerative business?

A regenerative business leader understands that their business is part of a complex and ever-changing ecosystem. The regenerative leader inherently knows that every business decision has an impact on the future of our planet. Therefore, every service and product is designed from this fundamental understanding. You only need the will to become a regenerative business leader. Anyone can learn the system if the vision is strong enough. Everyone from small business owners to global companies and solo entrepreneurs can embrace this butterfly effect philosophy with equal impact. Once you know that every action, thought or feeling in your business has a direct impact on all physical and non-physical energies, you have embraced regeneration. This new paradigm thinking is the most resilient way to run a business in this ecozoic era.

People, Planet and Profit

Regenerative Leadership creates value beyond profit. This includes all elements of a supply chain and manufacturing. It is inclusive of doughnut economics, circular and sharing economy philosophies. There is equal attention to human rights, animal rights and environmental rights. A regenerative business moves business away from the old paradigm of profit at all costs because of the inherent understanding that every living and non-living thing including the planet as a whole system that we share.

A holistic and intuitive way

A regenerative business naturally operates with a zero-carbon footprint in practice or as a goal. Regeneration embraces a purpose that can include a philosophical or spiritual foundation as part of a holistic and life-affirming way to operate a business. The term ‘regeneration’ comes from farms and indigenous cultures that have been talking about interconnection for decades, heralding an era of sustainable agriculture and land stewardship. A shining example of a regenerative business among others is Patagonia.

Where do I Begin? Find your pathway to become a regenerative business?

Everyone is at a different stage of sustainability or a regenerative journey. The first step would be to speak with a regenerative leadership mentor to assess your current position and vision. Take a look at the regenerative mentoring wheel below to educate yourself about potential pathways and topic areas. Then take your next step. It’s not a sudden overnight change to regeneration, it is a journey to embrace and the mentoring wheel gives you some clues as to where you feel your next step may be.

If you are ready to join a supported experience, I run courses for early and idea stage business owners such as The B Experience. I also run a powerful nine-month mastermind called THE GROWTH EXPERIENCE once a year where a journey of regeneration can begin to unfold in a very practical way if you are an established business owner. This is ideal for solo business owners or small companies. You can register your interest here for 2023 here.

Regeneration Resources

Recognised thought leaders in this field include Carol Sandford, Laura Storm, Giles Hutchins and Peter Hawkins. But I would recommend you widen your scope to include organisations such as The Work that Reconnects and Regeneration Pollination.

Carol Sandford, Claire Scobie, Laura Storm and Giles Hutchins, Tree Sisters, Buckminister Fuller, Kiss The Ground, The Climate Coaching Alliance, Indigenous Regeneration