Nature's Boardroom
A day of renewal for you and your business in nature
Exploring your legacy, purpose and inspiration

Introducing  - our greatest mentor: Mother Nature.

Nature’s Boardroom is a creative day for conversation, coaching and strategy. 

A one-day immersive experience in support of you and your inherent potential.
As your facilitator and nature connector, I will guide you through this transformative experience.
It’s a day that calls you as a change-maker to take time to unravel or to cross a potential threshold.

What could a day with Nature’s Business Coach transform for you?

Jannine Barron Nature's Boardroom
Claire Scobie's Experience at Nature's Boardroom:

It was a freezing February day and we went to one of the ancient stone circles called Avebury in Wiltshire, UK. It’s the ‘sister’ to Stonehenge and has always been a favourite place of mine to walk and reflect.

We started inside a meeting room looking out over the stones… doing the ‘usual’ left-brain strategic work as we planned out the next six months of my business. Then, we walked the stones. Jannine observed me and asked questions and then we walked in silence. Once back in our room we reshaped the strategy based on the insights gleaned from being in a natural living system, with wild wind gusts, scudding clouds and the odd sheep.

A week later she presented me with a powerful video of the day where we’d synthesised about 15 themes into 3 themes and created a clear path ahead. I still refer to the video and the notes.”

What is Nature's Boardroom?

There is no prescriptive structure, we design the day uniquely for you. It could be a simple coaching conversation with very little structure to a full strategic experience, we can create many options including some or all of the following.

>A guided silent walk or coaching in nature

> An exploration into your legacy as a leader or with your team

> Guided prompts to deepen our conversation and activities

> Space to connect with inner voice calling for change

> Meditative and Intuitive experiences if desired

> Expert facilitation and support before, during and after the experience.

> A visual story of your day as an eternal reference point if desired

 Trust the calling and lets design a day just for you

Wilma Allan's Testimonial for Nature's Boardroom:

I was conscious of a sense of being protected as I walked around through the stones. And then there were the beech trees on the hill, with a root system running across the surface like a Gorgon’s hair.

Walking through the stones I found certain words cropping up, which I kept a note of. 

Second part of the experience was inside where we drank tea and I drew cards, 9 of them.  Each card had a relevance to the words that came up.  

On completing the exercise it was obvious that each card made up an element of my support system.  

When we consciously connect to that higher energy, we can be shown the deeper meaning of what we are doing, if we allow it.”

Nature's Boardroom for Teams

You can request to join an experience curated with likeminded leaders or bring your own team for a relaxing, memorable and connective experience. 

I have found that teams reference these days for years beyond the experience. The environment tends to bring forth some profound moments of connection and insight.

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Nature's Boardroom