Kate Smith

Founder Kate Smith Consulting


Kate Smoth Consulating is an Eco-Conscious Leadership Development Consultant, helping purpose-driven organisations achieve this by designing and facilitating impactful leadership, management, and personal development workshops, courses, and programmes.

Kate says: “When I started the Growth experience, what I was looking for was clarity about how to move forwards in growing and making my business more sustainable and in particular, how to combine the two aspects of my corporate background and my love for nature and the environment. What I received from Jannine and the group who came on this journey with me, was a much greater understanding of regenerative leadership – and with this, how I could show leadership in my own business in a sustainable and regenerative way. Through the tools that Jannine took us through, the amazing group she curated and the encouragement to trust my intuition, I feel I’m in a much clearer and stronger position to grow my business in a good and regenerative way. If you’re looking to grow your business in a way that benefits people and planet as well as make profit, this programme is for you.”

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