How to become a Regenerative Business

How to become a Regenerative Business

This first step is what I call the great nudge. This is the moment where you make a decision, based on an experience, that suddenly wakes you up to sustainability not being the whole story. Or perhaps it was simply a thought that got louder and louder. Whatever your experience was, you made a decision. That nudge was your intuition. And now you are here, deciding how to transition beyond sustainability to being a regenerative business.

The steps you will take after this moment of decision will come in the order for which you are ready, but I’ve listed all twelve strategy points that you will need to embrace. While there is no direct order, I can offer these six guidelines to help you based on my own 25-year journey across four different sustainable companies since 1998.

  1. Imperfection is beautiful and there is no objective finish line. Regeneration is a circular and fluid journey so be proud of each milestone.
  2. You must address all these stages to be fully regenerative but each milestone can be celebrated in itself. You are doing great by just being on the path.
  3. It’s okay to get frustrated and not understand things, in fact, I would encourage the support step for that, it’s a great accelerator.
  4. Share your journey, it will help a lot of people and leaving more than you take is inherent to the nature of regeneration.
  5. There is no ‘right’ order. Your next step will present itself to you when you are ready. Every step will reveal itself as interconnected as you travel.
  6. Our survival is at stake so be generous and gentle with your time and experiences. All of us giving this a go is more important than perfection right now.

Here are the twelves steps you will face on your regenerative journey. I’ve included a reflective question at the end short description. Just remember, they are in no particular order, it’s okay to find them when you are ready.

Exploring each strategy will open up the vital conversations of human rights, modern slavery, environmental governance, net-zero and more. It all fits into the regenerative picture. Each conversation above will ensure this is uncovered in every part of your regenerative business from your strategy and vision to your supply chain.

You will have a journey that is uniquely you and no topic will be left behind. That is the nature of regeneration, we are all-inclusive in a simple, effortless way. What will your journey and focus be?

When I help people create regenerative strategies, we touch on some of all of these areas. Then as you would have already gathered, each subject has its own novel-length ambiguities, nuances and tributaries. That’s the fun stuff for me, it’s also your unique story of change to unravel. Every business has its unique pivot point dependent on size, industry, staffing, service and product. There are so many factors that determine your starting point but try number two above with a team you trust when you are ready. Vision and Creativity is the first step in an amazing business strategy. That is one thing we will bring with us from the old paradigm, starting with your vision and your story. It will take you a long way on this regenerative journey.

Jannine Barron, regenerative business, the growth experience

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