Claire Scobie

Founder and Director at Regenerative Storytelling

Regenerative Storytelling is a systems-based perspective for businesses ready to take the lead on something bigger. It’s for companies where sustainability goes beyond metrics and targets. Where diversity and inclusion are woven through every business practice. And where there’s a focus on building communities that value a connection to place, long into the future. Dr Claire Scobie is a storyteller and leadership coach whose client list includes organisations like Sydney Opera House, Selfridges, KPMG and Woolworths.

Claire says: “Jannine is my mentor, coach, and intuitive guide, helping me transition my business to be climate net-positive.”

Claire chose Jannine as her mentor and coach due to Jannine’s regenerative approach and balanced blend of practicality and intuition. Jannine helps Claire transition her business to be climate net-positive, working strategically while also considering nuances to shift focus. Jannine always keeps Claire’s bigger purpose in mind and gently guides her towards her goals, even when she may not be fully ready. Jannine’s guidance has led Claire step by step towards the new paradigm they are creating. As a mentor, Jannine offers a fresh perspective and a regenerative lens, drawing from her extensive knowledge of business principles and social issues. As a coach, Jannine’s intuitive guidance is timely and supportive. Claire highly recommends CEOs, founders, and sustainability managers who are seeking meaningful impact and change to reach out to Jannine. Through Jannine’s mentorship, leaders can unleash the motivation and discretionary effort of climate-conscious individuals to drive the transition towards becoming climate positive.

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