I’ve lived a life ‘on the edge’ as a pioneer. Now I help businesses find their edge — what’s new and what can transform for them.

I’m inspired by people with the courage to challenge boundaries and envisage new possibilities.

Sustainability was at the heart of our business when I founded Nature’s Child in the late nineties. We followed the triple-bottom-line principle and inspired a new generation of product makers by providing an eco-friendly parent customer base for the first time.

I designed 33 reusable products in that company, creating a supply chain without harm. We were fair trade, organically certified, zero waste, and reusable.

Prior to that, I co-created the Hugabub baby carrier. It was the first wrap carrier in the world, a design that increased the connection between baby and parent. We were inspired by Indigenous Wisdom and their lifestyle of carrying babies after birth. I will never forget the look on my friend’s faces when they saw our design; I could see they thought we were foolish. Now, wrap baby carriers are a normal part of parenting, replicated by multiple brands.

You see, I’m used to people thinking new ideas are crazy. I’m attracted to brand activists, inventors and regenerative thinkers as my clients now.

Looking back, I always aimed to minimise the separation between individuals and nature with my business ideas. This attunement to First Nations Wisdom from my human rights advocacy and activism in the eighties and nineties. A life that took me to remote Aboriginal communities, SamiLand and the United Nations.

Fifteen years ago, I started mentoring other sustainability professionals and business owners. I saw them realise their potential and achieve radical results, so I knew this would become my primary mission one day. Explore my mentoring approach in this blog.

After selling my fourth company in 2018, with twenty-five years in eco-friendly product creation and sales, I uprooted my life. I moved from Australia to the other side of the world in England for the next part of my regenerative journey with my growing UK family. Discarding all possessions, I set a promise to support the leaders of impact businesses by leading from behind as their Regenerative Business Mentor.

One of my first regenerative clients in 2020 chose to work with me because ‘I was standing in the future’. That was powerful for me.

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Radical pioneers, innovative thinkers, legacy makers, the planet consciousness, and people who need help to make a significant change. No idea is too big or too unbelievable for me to work with. I am here to support you.

I’ll understand if you always feel like you’re a bit different, an imposter or unsure. You can think freely around me, and I will support what you want to change personally and in business. I’ve been described as the Unconventional Business Mentor required in these times.

More than ever, I see a rise in this innate human need for connection, from C-suite to small traders. Burnout, overwhelm, and pressure have led people to a deep desire to transform their inner world. It’s a journey inwards as we change the external.

Wherever you are on a sustainability or regenerative journey, I’ll help you embrace new ways of thinking, stepping in courage and healing.

You will hear two phrases from me a lot: ‘The bigger the problem, the bigger the gift’ and ‘Nothing changes if nothing changes’. Reframing with new perspectives is fundamental to a regenerative, conscious and ethical journey in business.

If you are ready for a better business strategy with nature, intuition and intelligence, let’s talk.

Don’t worry if your idea is not fully formed or you feel stuck or unsure, that’s a brilliant place for us to start a conversation.

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