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Business Mentoring for purpose-led business owners

Become a Regenerative Leader

To have the greatest impact on the world in your purpose-led business, you will need a unique mix of support, advice, business acumen and strategic planning, all framed by new paradigm thinking.

This paradigm fuses intuition with business strategy to support your unconventional path.


Wherever you are on your business journey, your success and impact can be achieved with the right support.

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You want to launch a new conscious enterprise with a regenerative approach.


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You’re an established enterprise or community that wants to grow beyond sustainability to a climate focused strategy.


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You are leading with innovative climate positive strategies, nationally or globally.

My experience of company ownership, personal growth and environmental stewardship spans decades. As your mentor, I integrate sound business knowledge with new paradigm thinking. This is my regenerative leadership in action, supporting you to define new paths for change. This is both a personal and professional journey.


Every client is different and this unique framework supports each individual solution throughout a specially curated programme. From any of these stages, you can begin to establish the truth behind genuine business success and improve your social and environmental impact.

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The journey begins. Identify the paradigm shift that will unleash your potential.

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Create your unique personal and regenerative business strategy for enduring transformation.

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Abundance and resilience are now possible. Align your organisational systems and supply chains with your brand values.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Buckminster Fuller